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 Explosions in the sky

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MessageSujet: Explosions in the sky   Ven 6 Jan - 16:08

Probablement un des groupes de post-rock les plus connus et plébiscités de la planète.

How Strange, Innocence (2000)

1.  A Song for Our Fathers
2.      Snow and Lights
3.      Magic Hours
4.      Look into the Air
5.      Glittering Blackness
6.      Time Stops
7.     Remember Me as a Time of Day

Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die , Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever (2001)

1.  Greet Death
2.  Yasmin The Light  
3.  The Moon Is Down    
4.  Have You Pass Through This Night ?
5.  A Poor Man's Memory                
6.  With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003)

1.  First Breath After Coma    
2.      The Only Moment We Were Alone  
3.      Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean    
4.      Memorial                    
5.      Your Hand in Mine

The rescue (2005)

1.  Day One
2.      Day Two 
3.      Day Three
4.      Day Four 
5.      Day Five 
6.      Day Six 
7.     Day Seven   
8.      Day Eight"

All of a sudden, I miss everyone (2007)

1. The Birth and Death of the Day
2. Welcome, Ghosts
3. It's Natural to Be Afraid
4. What Do You Go Home To ?
5. Catastrophe and the Cure
6. So Long, Lonesome

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)

1.  Last Known Surroundings 
2.      Human Qualities
3.      Trembling Hands
4.      Be Comfortable, Creature
5.      Postcard from 1952
6.      Let Me Back In"    

The wilderness

1.  Wilderness
2.      The Ecstatics        
3.      Tangle Formations  
4.      Logic of a Dream  
5.      Disintegration Anxiety    
6.      Losing the Light
7.      Infinite Orbit      
8.      Colors in Space    
9.      Landing Cliffs
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Explosions in the sky
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